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Now you can sell in store, online and on social media seamlessly, with Shopify & Shopify POS Pro. 

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Inventory Management. Are you doing it right?

Stop using spreadsheets and other expensive inventory management software to keep track of your stock. Use Stocky. It's designed by Shopify and plugs right into your POS and Online Store to effectively monitor and manage your inventory better. 

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Podcast - Getting your online store up and running

Featured Podcast: Moneyweb Ecommerce Masterclass

Our founder Mario was invited to speak on Moneyweb's Ecommerce Masterclass podcast series about getting your store up and running. Learn a little about Shopify and what you need to get going. 

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We're inspired by the entrepreneurs. The Rebels.

The ones who don't take no for an answer - who build the things that they want to see in this world. 

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That's what Shopify can help you do. 

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The rise of the microbrand.

In the past few years, we've seen thousands of new brands pop out of the ether and onto our social feeds. How did this come to be? 

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The Middle Man - Death by a thousand tiny cuts

It's a tough life for traditional middle man businesses. Read this article to understand why Direct to Consumer Brands are on the rise. 

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Ah Dropshipping. What for art thou?

In this article we'll help you understand what dropshipping is and what is should be used for from a South African perspective. 

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From Snowboards to Shopify - how it all began

How did Shopify start?

In this NPR interview, Shopify Founder and CEO Tobi, talks through how Shopify started from the humble beginnings of a Snowboard business, to the multi billion dollar success that it is today. 
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